Classified Ads in the Fort Worth Section Website and Newsletter


Mercedes-Benz Club members can advertise for free and the ad remains in the website and newsletter for a maximum of one year or until the item is sold or asked to be taken off, whichever comes first.  Please advise if your ad is no longer necessary so the space can be reused, or if the ad is still needed after expiration.  


If you are a non-member, the cost is $10 per ad (please make check out to MBCA and send to the mailing address below). This information will be in our quarterly newsletter one time and on our website for three months.



You may send up to 4 pictures (each side plus interior, or engine, as examples) for the website. Due to space restrictions, pictures are not published in the newsletter. Provide a short description of the item you want to sell.  For cars, please provide year, model, condition, and mileage.  Also indicate asking price and your contact information.  Please send your ad copy and pictures via e-mail using the address below.  For ideas on your ad, please review existing ads on the Classifieds page of our website.



Our newsletter is published every quarter.  If the ad is received (and payment if you are a non-member) TWO WEEKS prior to date of publication to it will appear in the next newsletter, otherwise, it will appear in the next edition.  Ads will be published in the website at approximately the same time.


Mailing Address:

DJ de Jesus - MBCA

4159 Charron Lane

Fort Worth, TX 76116.


E-mail Address:

Click Here to E-mail DJ de Jesus


Commercial Ads:

Please contact DJ de Jesus for rates and other information. The above services and rates apply to ads placed by private individuals only. 


Ads in The Star Magazine:

Click the link below for instructions if you wish to also advertise in The Star:



We reserve the right to reject any ad because of undesirable content or if deemed detrimental to the general interests of the Mercedes-Benz Club of America, and to edit, exclude and/or reformat content and/or pictures of the ad due to space considerations and other reasons.  We are not responsible for any misleading and false information provided us by advertisers for publication.